dvm360 January 2021

Delving into DEA regulations for veterinary practices

February 03, 2021

Should every veterinarian in your practice that handles controlled substances register with the Drug Enforcement Administration? Is anyone exempt? What are the rules for relief DVMs? Get advice on these and other DEA regulatory issues.

KC Animal Corridor announces 2020 Iron Paw Award recipient

December 09, 2020

KC Animal Health Corridor has named the winner of its 2020 Iron Paw Award, which spotlights individuals who advance the veterinary space through dedication, innovation, education, and spreading public awareness.

Caring for those who are caring for those

December 03, 2020

While charged with managing the health of 4-legged patients, veterinarians must also be cognizant of burnout in their 2-legged caregivers when those pets are sick. To do so, we must also care for ourselves.

Up your imaging game: The power of AFAST

December 02, 2020

Proper use of focused assessment with sonography for trauma, triage, and tracking (monitoring) allows clinicians to evaluate both obvious soft-tissue abnormalities and ascites in the abdomen.