3 Must-reads for pain management

Here's a look at 3 articles designed to expand your knowledge on various methods and treatment options for managing pain in your patients.

3 Must-reads for gastrointestinal management

Check out these 3 articles for insight on diagnosing and managing chronic GI diseases.

Morris Animal Foundation establishes its first canine advisory board

Before 2020, when the foundation tested this concept, grants for both canine and feline studies were approved by a Small Animal Advisory Board.

Episode 49: How genomic sequencing is enhancing veterinary medicine

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Dr Christman is joined by Dr Kock, a market development manager at NEOGEN who discusses the nuts and bolts of genomic sequencing, including its unique role in preventive medicine. (Sponsored by NEOGEN).

SynDaver launches new synthetic feline surgical training model

This revolutionary training tool simulates the anatomy of a live cat, allowing veterinary students to perfect their craft without the fear of harming a live patient.