FDA approves weight loss management drug for cats with CKD

Elura increases appetite and weight gain in cats suffering from chronic kidney disease.

The science of veterinary pain management

Understanding the nuances of modern pain management can help you identify targeted treatments for your patients.

COVID-19 spreading between people, animals

The outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 on the mink farms was first identified on April 23 and April 25.

Gastrointestinal motility disorders caused by esophageal disease

Esophageal diseases are an important cause of dysmotility and regurgitation in dogs and cats. Here’s what you should know about these disorders.

Licking wounds after pet euthanasia

Pet owners have to employ coping strategies to buffer them through the trauma of euthanizing their pets. A new study reveals—on a grand scale—how they seek comfort.

The secret to successful at-home glucose monitoring: Simplicity

When you make it as easy as possible, owners of pets with diabetes are more likely to comply with at-home blood glucose monitoring recommendations. (Sponsored by Trividia Health Inc)