Pain Management

I like big blocks and I cannot lie

Practical tips for improving your pain protocols and increasing veterinary patient comfort by extending local anesthetic blocks.

Degenerative myelopathy: does laser therapy offer new hope?

A new study examines the use of photobiomodulation therapy to prolong survival for dogs with a progressive, fatal disease that currently has no definitive treatment.

dvm360 launches online CE center amid pandemic

This new resource offers veterinary professionals and students an opportunity to earn RACE-approved CE credit via a series of informative online webinars.

Surgery STAT: How to perform a caudal epidural in horses

Caudal epidural anesthesia allows for invasive procedures while the horse is sedated in standing position without pain or discomfort.

Pain management scholarship still open for technicians

The new WSAVA initiative has already awarded one veterinarian with scholarship funds, pain management training and the title of the first key opinion leader of veterinary pain management, but the technician scholarship is still up for grabs.

WVC—Opioids in veterinary medicine: panacea and pandemonium

Opioids lob their powers against many of the body’s evils, from pain to coughing to diarrhea. But there’s a dark side to opioids, both for the pets prescribed them and for their human caregivers.