Convicted murderer allegedly defrauds pet owners with lure of cancer cure

The former pharmaceutical company executive promised to restore the health of terminally ill dogs and allegedly bilked pet owners of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One ‘lucky dog’ (and one lucky vet school) to be featured in the Super Bowl

A very grateful pet owner has created a Super Bowl ad to thank—in a huge way—the veterinary school that saved his dog’s life.

Handle hazardous drugs? Read this

Maybe your state doesn’t enforce hazardous drug compounding rules today, but you never know when that might change. And the rules of USP protect your veterinary hospital’s patients and staff as well as the environment. Learn more and consider whether your protocols and areas could use a redesign.

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Can pain relief help modulate the behavior of pets tumors?

The American opioid epidemic continues, and as new, non-narcotic analgesics are developed, we owe it to pets (and people!) suffering from cancer to manage and relieve acute and chronic pain. But perhaps also, argues Dr. Mike Nolan, because some studies show a connection between pain relief and the behavior of tumors in a manner that improves survivorship.

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Veterinary patients with masses, abnormal test results and specific clinical signs point to clear diagnoses. How well would you do identifying these patients conditions?