Googled: How veterinary clients use Internet info


The AAHA State of the Industry Report says while many clients who search the Internet for pet health answers will bring it to the exam room, a small percentage will act independently in ways that impact pet health.

Veterinary professionals are well aware of the danger of misinterpreting Internet information. Yet the temptation to consult the Internet is great for many clients. According to the American Animal Hospital Association's 2015 State of the Industry Report, clients who have expressed remorse over using Internet information regarding their pets' health are those who have misdiagnosed a pet's condition, provided inappropriate treatment or delayed treatment, thereby negatively impacting the pet's health.


The majority of veterinary managers (65 percent) who responded a Veterinary Hospital Managers Association surey say their clinic teams consistently recommend trusted Internet sites to clients to steer them to quality pet health information. Website recommendations are often offered casually during exam room conversations with clients (80 percent). Some practices use social media or Facebook (50 percent) to direct clients to Internet sites or list these sites in handouts that are available at the practice (48 percent). Others use electronic communication (33 percent) or newsletter articles (18 percent) to share website information.

For more information from the AAHA 2015 State of the Industry Report, click here.

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