The 12 days of veterinary client handouts


Handouts for every veterinary 'emergency' that's bound to come in, at closing, on Christmas Eve.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, a lot is happening around the veterinary clinic too. Last year, dvm360 brought you "The 12 days of veterinary clinic Christmas" and this year, we're revisiting the "12 bordetella vaccinations," "11 vomiting cats," "10 ingested chocolate Santas" and so on with 12 client handouts to meet the needs of each crazy veterinary "emergency" this season. So, enjoy. Our gift to you: The 12 days of veterinary handouts.

"12 Bordetella vaccinations"

Handout:"My pet needs a what?" Late for the airport and you had no idea your pet needed a Bordetella vaccine? (We know you know this client!)




"11 vomiting cats"

Handout: "Your cat threw up? No, it's not normal!" Hairballs are normal, yes, but your clients should know, chances are that's not what's making a cat wretch.


"10 ingested chocolate Santas"

Handout: "Hazards around the house" Help your clients mind these potential pet hazards to keep furry family members happy and healthy throughout the holiday season.





"9 ear infections"

Handout: "What to do for my dog's itchy, sore ears?" Use this handout to educate clients on what otitis is and what they can do to help their pups' precious ears.


"8 demands for over-the-phone diagnosis"

Handout: "Phoning it in" Let your clients know what the limitations are when calling about pets' health.





"7 urniary tract infections"

Handout:"Need a urine sample?" Urine luck Here are two ways you might not have thought of to make at-home urine sample collection a little easier.


"6 itching dogs"

Handout:"Oh, the miserable itch" Clients need to know that itching and scratching is more than just an annoyance-it's a sign that something's wrong.





"5 anal gland expressions"

Handout: "The butt-scooting boogie" If a pet is scooting its rear across the floor, chances are there's an anal gland to blame.


"4 more boarding drop-offs"

Handout: "We are now preparing to board" Give clients these tips when planning to board their pet for a happy, healthy stay.





"3 soft tissue traumas"

Handout:"Stitches? Surgery? Four ways to promote healing at home" Reminders for essential at-home care compliance.


"2 annual exams"

Handout: "Your dog's (and cat's) physical exam" Give clients an outline of what you're looking for when you give a physical exam.





And "An emergency visit with a client who has no money!"

Handout: "When you want to focus on care-not cost" Help clients understand what payment options are available to them before an emergency occurs.

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