‘Adopt don’t shop‘—marketing genius or shaming slogan?

Although it has been effective in raising pet adoption rates, one veterinarian thinks this marketing campaign has a dark side. Here is what she proposes instead.

Final words on the ‘whitest profession’

There may be disagreement about the reasons why relatively few minorities join the veterinary profession, but we all agree that increasing diversity and inclusion should be a priority.

Virtual Career Fair to kick off next week

dvm360 is partnering with Banfield to host this exciting event.

Is a ‘hero award’ appropriate for front-line veterinary staff?

The dilemma: Should you give special recognition to your front-line veterinary practice team in light of the fact that others were unable to work during COVID-19?

What are you scared of?

How do you feel about ghosts, clowns, drowning, bankruptcy, heights and Freddy Kruger? This Texas veterinarian recently had occasion to analyze his own worst fears, and here’s what he learned.