Midwestern Pet Foods expands recall after nearly 70 dog deaths

More than 1000 lot codes are now part of the widely expanded recall; 70 deaths and 80 illnesses have been reported in dogs to date, presumably caused by aflatoxin toxicity.

Generational shift brings opportunities for veterinary practices

As the veterinary workforce shifts from Gen X to millennials, increased communication and collaboration will be key to practice success.

What we know about cannabinoid therapy is “tip of the iceberg”

An increasing understanding of endocannabinoid system function and a growing body of literature on cannabinoid therapy point toward a promising future for cannabinoids in veterinary medicine.

Opioids in veterinary medicine: Just say “no” (sometimes)

Several years of opioid shortages, legal restrictions, and bounding abuse have triggered the veterinary community to pivot to alternative medications and therapies for pain control in animals. But we haven’t gone cold turkey just yet.

New app offers veterinary professionals free 24/7 access to mental health resources

The Vets in Mind Alliance global app provides veterinary teams with useful tools to help increase awareness about a wide range of mental health issues and to build resilience and wellbeing.

FDA conditionally approves first oral canine lymphoma treatment

Laverdia-CA1 provides an additional treatment option for dogs suffering from this devastating illness.