Rare surgical procedures give man and dog a new lease on life

An uncommon but life-saving surgery gave a Labrador retriever and his grateful owner much more time together.

Episode 22: What it takes to be an emergency care veterinary technician

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Dr. Christman, speaks with Marlaina Hrosch, LVT, RVT, who explains the ins and outs of the emergency technician role.

For the love of veterinary technicians

During Tech Week and every week, we salute technicians everywhere for the hard work, dedication, and indomitable spirit that makes you an integral part of the veterinary team.

PetSmart Charities commits $2.1 million to keep domestic abuse survivors and their pets together

The organization has distributed grants to animal welfare organizations and social services agencies throughout the US and Canada to help people fleeing domestic violence during COVID-19.

Prevalence, comorbidity, and breed differences for anxious dogs

A large study sheds light on anxious behaviors in dogs by evaluating their penetrance within the domestic canine population, the patterns by which certain traits occur in tandem, and the genetic stronghold for these behaviors.

National Vet Tech Week special shoutout

Vet techs: You have a tough job, and you do it with strength, grace, and humor. Enjoy your week!