Why you should consider adding mobile payment options

New data highlight another way your veterinary practice may be able to increase revenue: Offer additional payment options.

FDA loosens veterinary telemedicine restrictions amid COVID-19 crisis

The agency is temporarily suspending enforcement of certain aspects of the federal veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) requirements, but state requirements remain in force.

Surgery STAT: How to perform a caudal epidural in horses

Caudal epidural anesthesia allows for invasive procedures while the horse is sedated in standing position without pain or discomfort.

The who, what, when and where of ticks

A flagship study details tick infestations in pet dogs and cats in the United States.

Avoid real estate hiccups when buying a clinic

As if making the life-altering decision to buy a veterinary practice isn’t daunting enough, there can arise hidden obstacles and unexpected worries for potential owners.

Adapt and overcome: reflections on life during the COVID-19 pandemic

Before our headlines and newsfeeds contained almost exclusively COVID-19 news, who could have imagined the transformation our daily lives would undergo at both work and home?