Celebrating National Cat Day by getting more cats to the vet

By educating cat owners about its 24-hour teletriage platform, Airvet hopes to help remove all barriers to care for cats.

Welcoming and caring for senior pets

When it comes to providing proper care to older dogs and cats, client education is key in helping to detect early signs of illness.

Episode 25: Top 5 ways to reduce inventory costs

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, talks with veterinary inventory manager Nicole Clausen about 5 easy ways to reduce the costs of goods at your practice.

Ask Emily: What is the best way to start forward booking?

Are you afraid of forward booking? Do you think it comes off as too pushy or intrusive? Dentists have successfully practiced this strategy for years. One obvious benefit: a sense of security that your client will return to your practice.

Exploring human drug for feline coronavirus

To set the stage for probing the human anti-malaria drug mefloquine as an agent for combatting feline corona- and caliciviruses, researchers map out its pharmacokinetic profile in cats.