Analyzing serologic calling cards of inflammatory bowel disease

Identifying IBD is often a challenge, but the recent discovery of serum-based markers for canine IBD may make diagnosing this disease in dogs quicker, cheaper and less invasive.

Dogs can detect differences in thermal energy

Dogs have long been known for their superior ability to detect scents. A new study shows that those snouts may be able to detect heat as well.

Starting a global dialogue about mental health in veterinary medicine

Following its worldwide survey of mental health and wellbeing in the veterinary profession, WSAVA vows to take steps to advance the health and welfare of veterinary teams around the world.

Feline diarrhea: Let the diagnostic clues flow

Causes of feline diarrhea range from simple infection to cancer. By characterizing the diarrhea and running simple tests, the practitioner can identify the pathology and stop the mess.

AAVMC announces professional excellence award recipients

A three-time veterinary school dean, Dr. Glen Hoffsis has had a major impact on both veterinary education and public policy.