Episode 15: Using technology to improve veterinary practice efficiency

On this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Dr. Christman talks with Andrew Luna from Vetstoria about the many ways technology can be used to increase productivity in veterinary practice.

Surviving back to school in 2020

The year that most of us would rather forget is challenging us once again to adapt and overcome. Here is some advice for maintaining sanity in your home as kids return to school.

An overdue awakening: Addressing systemic racism in veterinary medicine

The demand for equity, diversity, and inclusion is being heard throughout the nation. In the veterinary profession, affinity groups are demanding less talk and more action.

Practicing gratitude in hard times

How to change your outlook and maintain gratitude when the going gets tough.

New nonprofit to tackle the lack of diversity in veterinary medicine

Pawsibilities connects individuals from underrepresented groups and offers mentorship opportunities.

How veterinary practices can thrive despite COVID-19

A healthcare financial expert shares strategies for increasing sales and traffic at your practice despite changes brought on by the pandemic.