Zoetis hints at new monoclonal antibody for osteoarthritis pain

September 25, 2019
dvm360, dvm360 November 2019, Volume 50, Issue 11

Activities at the WSAVA Conference in Toronto focused on the role of nerve growth factor in pain pathway for dogs and cats.

Zoetis recently alluded to a new monoclonal antibody product in the works that could provide long-lasting osteoarthritis (OA) pain control in veterinary patients by targeting nerve growth factor (NGF) in the pain pathway. At the 2019 World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Conference in Toronto in July, the company supported several presentations related to research and development in chronic OA pain, according to a Zoetis release.

Highlights of Zoetis' OA-related activities at the conference included: 

  • Interactive website. Zoetis has launched a website for veterinarians, TheNewScienceofOsteoarthritisPain.com, highlighting the science and tools that support the diagnosis and treatment of OA in cats and dogs. It features videos focused on conducting a successful OA exam, since it's estimated that 38% of all cats have clinical signs of OA and the prevalence of OA in dogs is believed to be greater than 20%, according to the website. 
  • Data related to chronic OA and NGF. Key opinion leaders Duncan Lascelles, BVSc, PhD, MRCVS, CertVA, DSAS(ST), DECVS, DACVS, and Margaret E. Gruen, DVM, MVPH, PhD, DACVB, both of the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, presented findings on the following subjects:
  • Nerve growth factor, pain and monoclonal antibodies for chronic pain 
  • Identifying and measuring OA pain in young dogs 
  • dentifying OA pain in cats
  • Quality of life assessment in cats with chronic OA pain.

“We look forward to discussing the central role of NGF as a driver of osteoarthritis pain,” says Dr. Lascelles in the release. “With new approaches and a novel pain pathway on the horizon, we have an opportunity to significantly advance the way we manage osteoarthritis pain for feline and canines.” 

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