Predictive diagnostic RenalTech now available

October 10, 2019
dvm360, dvm360 November 2019, Volume 50, Issue 11

Developed using artificial intelligence, this tool enables veterinarians to tailor healthcare plans for feline patients based on future health concerns.

A futuristic diagnostic tool, available today.

Earlier this month, Antech Diagnostics (part of Mars Petcare) announced the availability of RenalTech, a new diagnostic tool that allows for the prediction of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in cats up to two years before a clinical diagnosis could be made.

The company also announced the publication of data demonstrating the effectiveness of RenalTech, which was created using data from the electronic health records of more than 150,000 cats.

CKD is a leading cause of death in cats over age 5, and affects 30% to 40% of all cats older than 10, according to the release.

RenalTech uses six health parameters-creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, white blood cell count, urine specific gravity, urine protein and urine pH, along with patient age-to offer definitive insight into whether a cat has or will develop CKD within the next two years. 

“The ability to predict disease is a game changer for veterinarians,” said Antech's chief technology officer, David Aucoin, DVM, DACVCP, in the release. “Now, veterinarians can act early, before disease strikes, allowing them to create a highly personalized care plan enabling pet owners to take the necessary steps to minimize the effects of chronic kidney disease. We believe this will dramatically improve a veterinarian's ability to keep pets with their people for as long as possible, which is truly why we all come to work every day.”

Antech intends to develop additional diagnostics using machine learning. For more information about RenalTech and the future of predictive and preventive health care for pets, visit and

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