Zoetis designates August as Itchy Pet Awareness Month for second year in a row


The company has decided to continue their campaign to increase awareness about dermatologic conditions and prompt conversations between veterinary practices and clients.

Dog itching itself

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According to the most recent data from Nationwide, skin allergies, ear infections, noncancerous skin masses, and skin infections constitute the top four reasons for canine veterinary visits. To raise public awareness about skin problems and encourage conversations between veterinarians and their clients about canine skin care, Zoetis has named August Itchy Pet Awareness Month for the second year in a row. During their inaugural campaign in 2019, the highest ever number of itchy pets visited the veterinarian

“The top four reasons pet owners bring their dogs in for veterinary visits today are because of skin-related issues such as allergies, ear infections, lumps or bumps and skin infections,” said Andrew Hillier, BVSc, MANZCVS (Canine Medicine), diplomate ACVD, Director of Dermatology Medical Strategy, Zoetis in this press release. “By helping pet owners understand and overcome skin allergies and encouraging routine veterinary care, Zoetis can help life get back to normal for many families.”

The campaign includes a practice toolkit—complete with posters, emails, social media posts, and more—to help veterinarians start the itch conversations with their clients, as well as a the website Itching for help to help owners discern whether their pet’s itching is normal or signals a problem. It gives helpful information such as common signs of skin allergies which include hair loss, excessive scratching and licking, foot chewing and more, plus treatment options.

Zoetis believes that by dedicating the entire month to conversations about itchy skin awareness, veterinarians can engage with clients in candid conversations about skin concerns is key to alleviating pet discomfort and owner dismay, because long-term solutions are available for most dogs.

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