Zoetis announces Apoquel grant program


In honor of Apoquel's 10th anniversary, Zoetis created the program to provide allergic itch relief for dogs in animal shelters



To celebrate the 10th anniversary of oclacitinib tablet (Apoquel; Zoetis), Zoetis announced it is launching an Apouquel grant program. Through the program, Zoetis will enable 10 shelters to provide allergic itch relief to dogs at local shelters as they wait for their forever home.

According to the release, Zoetis will announce the 10 selected shelters in August 2023 in honor of Itchy Pet Awareness Month. To qualify for the grant, interested shelters must meet the following requirements:1

  • By June 23, 2023, shelters must be enrolled in Zoetis for Shelters
  • Shelters must have an annual intake of at least 100 dogs.

“Providing pet shelters with the ability to alleviate allergic itch for dogs in their care reinforces our commitment to enhancing the health of pets,” stated Andrew Hillier, BVSc, MANZCVS (Canine Medicine), Diplomate ACVD, Director, Specialty and Dermatology Strategy, Veterinary Professional Services, U.S. Petcare at Zoetis, in an organizational release.1 “Supporting healthy pet adoptions in communities where our colleagues and customers live and work further strengthens our mission to take care of pets, just like pets take care of us.”

The company recently hired Jennifer Schissler, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVD, to serve as 1 of 5 board-certified dermatologists in its US Petcare business division. Schissler will bring over 16 years of academia and private practice to bring clinical awareness to the team.

“It’s an honor to join the Zoetis team of innovators and enthusiastic educators who provide dedicated support to veterinarians,” said Schissler.1 “The company’s revolutionary contributions to the understanding and treatment of canine allergic dermatitis continue to improve the lives of so many patients, and the families who love them, worldwide. I am excited to be a part of an even brighter future for veterinary dermatology.”


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