You're getting this wrong when it comes to parasite preventives

January 2, 2019
Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM

Bash Halow is a practice consultant and owner of Halow Consulting as well as a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, a Licensed Veterinary Technician and (best of all for us) a regular Fetch dvm360 speaker.

Vetted, Vetted February 2019, Volume 114, Issue 2

Stop educating clients and tell them a story.

If you're trying to get veterinary clients to "yes" on a parasiticide by feeding them facts and figures, well, knock if off. This comes from Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM. He says that clients can tell the difference between a sales pitch and a heartfelt story.

"The reason that you-and the rest of your team members-believe in a product is because they've tried it on their own pet, or they've had a success with that particular product and they've seen first-hand the value of it," he says.

Halow urges members of the staff to become conversant in the products you offer and to try them out. This way they can tell customer how every choice works with confidence and bond those clients.

Click the video to hear Bash Halow deliver the message in the way only he can.

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