Your pet swallowed what?


Weird tales for the world from veterinary imaging.

"Rubber duckie, you're the one ... " Yeah, Ernie from Sesame Street was definitely on the same page as veterinary radiologist Dr. Anthony Pease when he thinks back on the weirdest (or coolest?) things he's seen in imaging cases.

"[I had a radiograph] of a gas-filled stomach, and it looked just like a rubber duckie," Pease says. That's because it was.

"It was as beautiful a rubber duckie as you could imagine. It was almost like we'd put it there ... amazing," he says.

Another radiograph looked a lot like an eating utensil (dog owners confirmed).

"The owners thought they could put some peanut butter and the pill on the spoon, and the dog swallowed the entire spoon," Pease says.

But the best one is Pease's ultra-favorite ultrasound example. It's a noisy one.

"It was a fluid-filled plastic structure, a squeaker toy," Pease says. "You could actually see the fluid flowing back and forth inside of [the toy as we moved the ultrasound wand]."

The best part? Surgery: "They opened up [the dog] and before they opened up the intestine, they actually pressed it and it still squeaked."

If you want to see the glee with which Dr. Pease talks about rubber duckies, spoons and squeaker toys (trust us, you do), the video is below.

(P.S. Don't worry. Dr. Pease didn't make it clear to us on video, but I think all his examples worked out OK for the patients.)

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