World News Roundup: May 12, 2017


In this week’s roundup: Responsible pet ownership and animal welfare issues around the world.

The Call for Nationwide Animal Police in Norway (Norway Today)

For Norway’s Progress Party, “the struggle for animal police is about what kind of society we want. The Progress Party wants a society that stands on the victim’s side, regardless of whether the victim has four paws or two legs,” says Ulf Leirstein, the Progress Party spokesman on justice policy.

Responsible Pet Ownership in the Elementary School Curriculum (Ref-FM 104-106)

Over the past 3 years, the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals (ISPCA) has “received over 53,000 calls with allegations of [animal] cruelty or neglect.” To combat the problem, the Green Party and ISPCA want education about animal welfare to begin in childhood.

Indian Acting Sensation Promotes Animal Welfare (iDIVA)

Popular Indian actress and model Anushka Sharma loves animals and is proud to show it. She “constantly makes an effort to spread messages about animal care and compassion, including PSAs about animal safety during festivals like Holi and Diwali, and keeping out water for thirsty animals during the summer heat.” And it’s all captured on social media.

British Vets: “I Told You So” (Basingstoke Gazette)

It seems that dog owners in England ignore their veterinarians’ advice when it comes to dressing up their pooches. “Despite veterinary professionals saying that the majority of dog breeds don’t need to wear clothes, 81% of owners are dressing up their pets with coats.” According to new research by Direct Line Pet Insurance, the clothing is causing problems ranging from skin complaints to fleas.

Less Research in The Czech Republic (Speaking of Research)

The Czech Republic reported a 2.1% decrease in the number of animal research procedures in 2016. “The falls were mainly in fish (down 11%) and rats (down 17%), while the biggest rise was in birds (up 17%). The most common areas of research were ‘basic research’ (35.4%), ‘conservation of the natural environment in the interests of the health or welfare of people or animals’ (21.0%), and ‘translational and applied research’ (11.4%).

Should Cows Be the National Animal of India? (Rediff News)

Maulana Syed Arshad Madani, head of the influential body that represents a large number of Islamic scholars in India, wants the government “to give national animal status to the cow and we will support it.” An "atmosphere of fear" prevails in the country as a result of violent incidents, including murder, by cow vigilantes, he said.

Stop Overbreeding, Say Singapore Animal Welfare Groups (Channel NewsAsia)

Animal welfare groups in Singapore are calling for measures to prevent the overbreeding of small pets “after an increase in calls for help by pet owners unable to manage mice, hamsters and rabbits from breeding out of control. For one pet owner, 3 mice quickly multiplied to 300 and found their way into the man's television, speakers, washing machine and other household appliances and soon began invading neighboring homes.

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