Why your doctor wants you to go to San Diego


Firstline Live with Dr. Ernie Ward in San Diego is your solution for boosting productivity and profitability.

Every practice has those days where nothing goes right. Clients are cranky, patients are uncooperative, and you and your team members resort to bickering. If these types of days are happening more often, your doctor would want you to take action. What can you do? Attend Firstline Live in San Diego on Nov. 6-held in conjunction with the CVC convention.

Practice management guru Dr. Ernie Ward and his practice manager Gina Toman, RVT, will present “From front to back to front again: How to help your team achieve superior workflow.” You'll get the tools you need to build a more productive and profitable practice. When you're pitching the idea of attending Firstline Live to your practice owner or manager, let them know you'll return with the answers to these questions:

> Where are all the workers? If your practice is having trouble finding qualified team members, you may need to reassess your training program. “Our standard answer goes something like this: You don't ‘get' great staff members, you develop them,” Ward says.

> How can we build a better overall staff? “Too many practices suffer from a lack of identity and the consumer isn't able to differentiate it from other offerings,” Ward says. “Once you define the purpose of your practice, you can begin creating roles for your staff.”

> How can we retain great employees? It all comes down to giving team members a great experience at work. To do that, Ward says, you must provide more than just a paycheck.

> How can we deal with the unexpected? When things don't go as you've planned, you have to think quickly. “How we respond to these unanticipated challenges demonstrates our core being,” Ward says.

Of course, Firstline Live is designed for you. So in the midst of learning strategies your doctor will love, you'll also get tips for making your job more successful and enjoyable. You'll learn:

> Key elements of effective teamwork

> Ideas for implementing-and getting the most from-electronic medical records

> How to avoid common communication mistakes most teams make

> Strategies for dealing with daily disruptions

Sign up for Firstline Live today. You-and your doctor-will be happy you did.

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