Why over bonding can be harmful to pets


In this recent interview with dvm360®, Steve Dale, CABC, explained that although over bonding has led to an increase in pets' lives being saved and more money spent on veterinary care, it also can come with a few drawbacks.

During the recent 2021 New York Vet Show in New York, New York, Steve Dale, CABC, imparted to dvm360® that although pet parents over bonding with their companion animals has its perks, it can also pose a threat to our beloved pets.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript:

Steve Dale, CABC: You know, we more intensely love our companion animals more than ever before. Millennials are leading the way for all of that and that in itself is a wonderful thing. More pets' lives are saved [and] more money is being spent on veterinary care than ever before. All of that is a great thing for our companion animals. Having said that, our companion animals are just that—they are companion animals—they are not human beings.

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