Why cats are "solitary survivors"


Dr Liz Bales sheds light on why felines tend to mask pain or illness, plus the importance of routine veterinary visits.

According to Liz Bales, VMD, cats are "solitary survivors" because they are not only self-reliant but also tend to mask pain or illness from everyone—including their owners. To amplify public awareness surrounding feline pain, Basepaws and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) joined forces with Bales to educate owners about the importance of bringing their cats to the veterinarian regularly.

"In [a cat's] mind, showing signs of pain or weakness only makes them more likely to be someone else's dinner. Your cat does not know that if they just showed you [pain], you would help," explained Bales.

She noted that pet owners who do not see any outward signs of pain or illness typically assume their pet is fine when in reality, their cat could be suffering silently. Informing clients about the specialized techniques veterinary professionals use when examining cats can help increase the volume of veterinary visits and ultimately, safeguard the health of feline patients.

Watch the full video below for more of Bales' insight on cats hiding pain or illness, plus the benefits of frequent veterinary visits.

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