Who makes sure your veterinary hospital materials are right?

September 13, 2019
Vicki Pollard, CVT, AIA

Vicki Pollard is a certified veterinary technician and veterinary architect at Animal Arts in Boulder, Colorado. She also speaks at the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference.

This happens in the contractor submittal process of your veterinary clinic redesign or new build, and its why you should keep your architectural team involved until the end of the project. Especially when it comes to installation of new products.

When it comes to building a new veterinary hospital, you'll want to make sure you hire an experienced contractor for your project, says veterinary architect Vicki Pollard, CVT, AIA.

But your work-and that of your architectural and engineering teams-doesn't end there. Keep your architectural team in the loop, ask them to visit the site, and ensure they review the contractor's submittals. In this step of the process, the architect can look at the contractor's detailed drawings of the project and the products they plan to install. This helps ensure the right products show up on site-a crucial step.

Hear the rundown from Pollard on video from the HospitalDesign360 conference on the importance of contractor submittals in the video below: