Which States Have the Plumpest Pets?

July 12, 2017
Kaitlynn Ely

Obesity is a major health issue in the United States, one that affects both people and pets. Which states have the portliest pets?

It seems pudgy pets are everywhere today. In its 2017 State of Pet Health Report, Banfield Pet Hospital notes that over the past 10 years the rates of obesity have increased by 158% in dogs and 169% in cats.

In its report, Banfield ranked each state based on the average weight of its cats and dogs.

The findings were based on a survey in which veterinarians nationwide were asked to provide percentages on the number of overweight dogs and cats that visited their practice. Included in this study were 2.5 million dogs and 500,00 cats.

Following are the overall percentages, broken down by species, for the top 10 states with the paunchiest pets.


  • Minnesota: 41%
  • Nebraska: 39%
  • Michigan: 38%
  • Idaho: 38%
  • Nevada: 36%
  • New Mexico: 34%
  • Washington: 34%
  • Utah: 34%
  • Indiana: 34%
  • Oregon: 34%


  • Minnesota: 46%
  • Nebraska: 43%
  • Iowa: 42%
  • Idaho: 40%
  • Delaware: 39%
  • Michigan: 39%
  • Nevada: 38%
  • Kansas: 38%
  • Utah: 37%
  • New Mexico: 37%

It’s no secret that overall weight in humans and animals has been increasing over time. Minnesota and Nebraska have the highest percentages of pet obesity in the United States. According to 2015 data from The State of Obesity project, when it comes to people, Nebraska ranks 14th, with 31.4% of the adult population being obese.

However, Minnesota has a relatively low percentage of obese adults (26%), ranking this state 37th. Louisiana is the fattest state in America for humans (36.2%), but only 21% of dogs and 25% of cats in the state are overweight. Therefore, there does not seem to be a strong correlation between obesity in humans and their furry friends.