What is that Smell?! Pros & Cons of Kennel Drain Options

March 12, 2018

Date: March 12 - March 12, 2018


What is that Smell?! Pros & Cons of Kennel Drain Options (On Demand: 50 minutes)When it comes to kennel drains, there are several choices, including front or back drains as well as individual or trench drains. It is even possible to run a facility with no drains. There are pros and cons to each design choice. The right answer depends on personal preferences, what operating factors are important to the owner or staff, and in some cases, what brand of equipment is used. Learn more about the issues involved in the decision-making process and how to determine what design is best.Learning Objectives:Learn what drain system offers the best defense against cross-contamination of waste waterLearn the pros and cons of high pressure cleaning systems vs. wet dry systems and how they impact odor and the spread of diseaseLearn about the different floor seals for isolation panels, how their failure can jeopardize animal health and how to properly care for and maintain the sealsLearn the advantages and disadvantages of rear trench drains, front trench drains, individual drains and no drain

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