Webinar: Prognostic Evaluation of Canine Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumors

June 1, 2016

Date: June 22 - June 22, 2016


Webinar: Prognostic Evaluation of Canine Cutaneous Mast Cell TumorsWednesday | June 22, 2016 | 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. EDT (6:00 p.m. CDT, 5:00 MDT, 4:00 PDT)The prognostic evaluation of canine cutaneous mast cell tumors (MCTs) is based on the assessment of complete surgical removal and histologic appearance, including grade, proliferation index, c-Kit mutation analysis and clinical stage, especially local lymph node involvement. We will discuss types of margin evaluation and inking of tumor margins. We will further discuss the MSU prognostic MCT panel that combines tangential margin assessment with histologic grading according to the novel 2-tier system, proliferation analysis based on the combined AgNORxKi67 (Ag67) value, as well as analysis of the KIT pattern and detection of activating mutations of c-Kit in exons 8 and 11. This prognostic panel allows us to more accurately detect those cutaneous MCTs that have a high risk to behave more aggressively and will require additional therapy beyond surgical excision. Based on the possible results of the MCT panel, various flow charts have been generated that can help veterinarians to select the next therapeutic steps, including no additional therapy, local therapy, systemic therapy, and therapy with tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Finally, we will also discuss challenges encountered when evaluating lymph nodes and what novel option will become available for lymph node assessment. Presenter: Dr. med. vet. Dr. habil. Matti Kiupel, BS, MS, PhD, DACVPSection Chief - Anatomic Pathology, Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal HealthMichigan State University College of Veterinary MedicineThe webinar is free but registration is required. Register online:https://msu.zoom.us/webinar/register/a4cb984716a4f8b44ac87b605f06faf5 Please submit any questions to: chapinco@dcpah.msu.edu

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