Weapons for the war on boredom


Ain't nobody got time for pet enrichment when you're just trying to talk clients into crucial medical work. But our latest veterinary survey shows pet enrichment IS on your mind, so maybe it should also be in your exam room recommendations, your online pharmacy and in the reception area.

Numbers don't lie. Helping clients give their pets happier, more fulfilled, more enriched lives is on your mind-nearly 100 percent of you in a recent survey said that increasing the level of enrichment for pets is interesting to you and could help pets' overall health.

Yet only 74 percent of you discuss the topic with clients, and only 25 percent of you sell pet enrichment products in your veterinary hospital or online.

Well, colleagues of yours who do recommend and sell pet enrichment products have shared a list of some of their absolute favorites. These are the ones they called out by name in their responses.

Check them out, try them out with your pets or patients, and find out if you can help close the gap between the importance of pet enrichment and how much time it gets in your busy veterinary hospital. I mean, who made that teenager at the local pet store the expert on what pets need to be less stressed and more active, and have more fun at home?


First, the cats ...

iCalmCat music player from iCalmPetFeline freedom from anxiety

Feliway from Ceva Animal Health

iCalmCat music player from iCalmPet


Fun for bored cats

Da Bird from Go Cat Feathered Toys

Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy from PetSafe


Fun for hungry cats

Doc & Phoebe's indoor hunting feeder (formerly called the No Bowl feeding system) from Feed Co.

Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy from PetSafe

SlimCat interactive feeder from PetSafe


Now for the dogs ...



Bob-a-Lot from Starmark Pet ProductsCalming agents for canines

Adaptil from Ceva Animal Health

iCalmDog music player from iCalmPet


Games for bored dogs

DuraChew from Nylabone

Hyper Fling from HyperPet

Busy Buddy Jack from PetSafe


Games for hungry dogs

Bob-a-Lot from Starmark Pet Products

Buster Feed Cube from Kruuse

Busy Buddy Jack from PetSafe

Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat from PetSafe

IQ Treat Ball from PetZone

Kong Classic from Kong

Source: The dvm360 Clinical Updates: Pet enrichment survey was sent in September 2017 to subscribers of dvm360, Vetted and Firstline. The survey garnered 864 responses with a margin of error of 3%.

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