Washington State University students win veterinary reproductive medicine scholarship


Randa Boler and Tanya Weber are recipients of the Nandi Theriogenology Scholarship

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The Nandi Theriogenology Scholarship is one of the most competitive scholarships for veterinary reproductive medicine. It is rewarded to final year veterinary students who have demonstrated exceptional potential for future clinical and scholarly excellence and leadership in theriogenology. The Theriogenology Foundation awards $10,000 to 4 recipients.1 This year, 2 of the winners come from Washington State University (WSU) College of Veterinary Medicine. Randa Boler and Tanya Weber being awarded this prestigious honor became the second year in a row that the Nandi Theriogenology Scholarship was awarded to WSU veterinary students.2

Weber was nominated by M. Salman Waqas, DVM, MS, PhD, DACT, and received recommendation letters from Ramanathan Kasimanickam, DVM, DACT, and John Wenz, DVM, MS.2

“It is such an honor to be awarded the Nandi Scholarship. Not only does this ease the financial burden of veterinary school, but it also represents all the mentors I have been fortunate to work with who have believed in me and supported my development as a future bovine veterinarian,” Weber said in a WSU news article.2 “They all supported my success with this scholarship, and they have also provided crucial mentorship in bovine theriogenology and herd production medicine, which I will benefit from for my entire career.”

According to WSU Kasimanickam nominated Boler, and the veterinary student credits Kasimanickam for having a major impact on her education.2

“Dr Ram has been instrumental in developing my interest and skills related to bovine theriogenology. From his theriogenology elective to his 4-week advanced beef cattle theriogenology course, the opportunity to visit many operations and work large numbers of cattle is irreplaceable. He is the reason I was awarded the Nandi scholarship,” Boler said.2

Boler and Weber were selected from a pool of 18 applicants representing veterinary schools across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. They will be recognized in July at the annual Therio Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The 2 students officially graduated with their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine on May 4, 2024.

With their new degrees, Boler and Weber are setting off to start their incredible dedication to the veterinary medicine field. Boler is returning to her home state in northwest Montana to join a mixed animal practice. He hopes to incorporate her true passion in ambulatory medicine, especially reproductive medicine in cattle, within her practice. Weber is embarking on a new journey with TELUS Agriculture as a professional services veterinarian. In this capacity, she will leverage her expertise in herd production medicine and theriogenology to drive ongoing progress and advancement within the beef industry.2


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