Voyce 'health band' aims to provide information dogs can't


New device monitors key vital signs and other data to track trends in pet wellness.

Like your own Fitbit or Fuelband wearable fitness tracker, the Voyce “wearable technology for dogs” is designed to give pet owners and veterinarians insight into how pets are feeling and behaving. Worn around the neck, the “health band” monitors key vital signs, including heart and respiratory rates, along with the pet’s activity, rest periods and calories burned. The data can then be accessed via wireless connection on any desktop or mobile device.

Created by i4C Innovations, Voyce was developed by biomedial engineers, dog experts and researchers at Cornell University. The device aims to collect data that over time could provide insight into health-related issues to help dog owners and veterinarians recognize and understand trends in the pet’s behavior, diet, exercise and habits.

“Voyce does not allow your dog to speak to you, but what it does might be even better: it allows owners to begin to decode what their dog is experiencing,” says Alexandra Horowitz, PhD, author of New York Times bestseller Inside of a Dog. Hopefully, that means owners will then take that insight to their veterinarians with any health concerns.

Voyce subscribers can access their dog’s portfolio through mydogsvoyce.com and will also receive tips, reminders and notifications about pet nutrition, behavior, training, health and lifestyle. That information—along with access to thousands of articles written by top practicing veterinarians, board-certified specialists, behaviorists and other experts—will be generated by LifeLearn, which has partnered with i4C to deliver educational content to Voyce subscribers. “The content will provide credible information that corresponds with veterinary recommendations, allowing Voyce customers to gain a deeper understanding on a variety of pet-related topics,” a release from i4C Innovations says.

Voyce will also target information it considers relevant to a pet owner based on the data collected from his or her pet. Pet owners can then share the information and data with their veterinarians—even across social media networks.

Voyce was named “Best of CES 2014” by PC World/TechHive and Yahoo! Tech after its launch at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. The device is expected to be available this summer. To learn more about VOYCE, go to MyDogsVoyce.com.

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