Volition's Nu.Q Vet Cancer Test now available for preorder at point-of-care via Heska Corporation

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Move increases access to Nu.Q cancer screening

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Volition—a multinational epigenetics company—today announced its Nu.Q Vet Cancer Test is now available for preorder to veterinarians at the point-of-care through Heska Corporation.1

According to a news release, Heska's Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor Test will operate on Heska's proprietary Element i+ Immunodiagnostic Analyzer, a point-of-care platform that provides veterinarians with “rapid, accurate, low-cost, and easy-to-use on-site testing” in the veterinary clinic to support clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes.

Dr Tom Butera, chief executive officer of Volition Veterinary Diagnostics Development LLC, said: "This is a breakthrough moment for Volition: it is the first time the Nu.Q platform is available outside of centralised laboratory testing. Our mission at Volition is to ensure that our Nucleosomics technology is accessible and affordable worldwide, to detect and monitor disease earlier and improve outcomes. We are delighted to be working with Heska and their remarkable point-of-care technology to enable vets, pets, and pet families to benefit from our innovative technology. We are thrilled to advance towards full commercial launch and license payment milestones."1

Kevin Wilson, Heska's chief executive officer and president said, "We are pleased now to offer our transformative Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor Test at the point-of-care, which we believe will revolutionize canine cancer patient management. Available now for preorder, the screen and monitoring test will assist veterinarians to detect cancer early, in the clinic, in minutes, and for under $50, to support clinical decision-making during annual check-ups, regular wellness exams, healthcare interventions, treatment cycles, and remission. While we also offer this technology at the central reference lab, we believe the benefits of point-of-care cancer screening and monitoring are significant and will provide outsized benefits to veterinarians, nursing and technical teams, pets, and pet families."1

"With this forthcoming launch, millions of pets will have access to critical cancer screening and monitoring in the clinic, to catch, treat and drive recovery from cancers earlier, for better healthcare outcomes and peace of mind. We believe that this innovation will be transformative to veterinarian healthcare as Heska begins to roll it out exclusively to the point-of-care, with our global commercial launch targeted for early in the second quarter of this year," concluded Wilson.


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