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Voicemail transcription feature launched for practice platform


Noting a growing acceptance of AI-driven tools, Weave announced the new service for human and veterinary health care


Photo: ninefotostudio/Adobe Stock

A voicemail transcription feature driven by artificial intelligence (AI) has been added to Weave’s software platform for managing small and medium-sized health care practices, including veterinary hospitals. The new feature automatically transcribes voicemails from patients allowing for efficient, visible, and private reading experiences, according to Weave.1

Branden Neish, chief product and technology officer at Weave, recently noted that AI has “exploded in popularity” in the past year. “AI will only continue to grow in popularity and daily use, which will have a transformative impact on the future of the healthcare industry. Weave customers that have already implemented AI into their practices claim they save an average of an hour a day with the technology,” said Nash, in a news release.1

Alexandre Douzel, CEO of pet insurance and wellness care provider Pumpkin, discussed the benefits of using AI in veterinary practice, in a recent Forbes article. He noted that AI is a tool that can increase efficiency through automated practices that include language processing. This technology can help reduce costs to practices and clients, according to Douzel, who cited labor as an expense that is passed on to pet owners.2

In a 2020 blog post, Caleb Frankel, VMD, described how voicemail transcriptions could benefit veterinary practices. A Google Voice user, Frankel was having voicemail transcriptions automatically sent to an email account. “This has allowed me to read a voicemail in the middle of a meeting without having to excuse myself to listen to a message,” Frankel wrote.3

Weave’s platform users can view audio transcriptions when they click on the Voicemail tab in the desktop application or in the mobile app. The feature will help users access messages quicker by not having to listen to the audio, which can often be difficult in busy settings, according to the company. Weave’s recent AI-driven initiatives have also included enhancements to its’ email assistant and response assistant features.1

In a new consumer and customer report conducted by Weave, the company found that patients are accepting of AI in health care settings, and they see this technology leading to enhanced care and patient experiences. The majority of more than 1000 consumers (65%) surveyed is open to providers using AI tools in their practices. The report also found that consumers and providers are aligned with how they think AI will impact the health care industry, with 2 of 3 consumers and 3 of 4 health care providers believing that AI is likely to become a prevalent tool in medicine.4


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