VMC's It's What's Up Front That Counts!


Date: January 13 - January 13, 2019


VMC's nationally acclaimed veterinary practice management seminar is considered basic training for anyone working in a veterinary practice. Youll learn how to: Drastically improve customer service Increase client perception of value Increase loyalty and client bonding Understand client relationships Deal with internet pharmacies Effectively handle client complaints Exceed your clients expectationsTo achieve maximum benefit, this seminar is intended for the entire health care team. It is suggested that all doctors, practice managers, receptionists, technicians, and assistants attend the meeting. Those attending will return from this seminar with a unified goal, motivated to enhance your practices teamwork and productivity!Presented by: Mark Opperman, CVPM5.5 RACE-Approved CE Hours

Event type: Veterinary Practice Management Seminar

Event Address: TBA

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Sponsor: Nationwide and BabelBark

For More Information:Sue Merritt,VMC, Inc.

4525 Lili Drive ,Lawrence ,Kansas ,66049 ,USA

303-674-8169, vmc@vmc-inc.com, vmc-inc.com

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