VMC's Financial Boot Camp


Date: December 05 - December 06, 2019


Optimize Your Clinic's Financial Health. Attend our powerful two-day training seminar to boost the financial health of your practice. VMC consultants understand the real-world situations faced by veterinary clinic owners, managers, doctors, and support staff. We present sessions that are fresh, engaging, and memorable: Financial Management: What to Look for and What to Do About It How to Hire and Utilize an Accountant Bench-marking: Measure it to Manage it Analyzing Doctor Production and Compensating Your Associate Doctors Using ProSal Determining Client Fees Fairly and Accurately Controlling Your Inventory & Support Staff Costs Budgeting That Breaks Down Barriers Case Study: Lets Put Our Collective Knowledge to Work! Internal Controls: Lost Income and How to Capture ItThis seminar is intended for practice owners, practice managers and key staff members.11 RACE-Approved CE HoursPresented by: Mark Opperman, CVPM and Sheila Grosdidier, SCP

Event type: Two-day financial management seminar

Event Address: TBA

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Sponsor: Nationwide, BabelBark and CareCredit

For More Information:Sue Merritt,VMC, Inc.

4525 Lili Drive ,Lawrence ,Kansas ,66049 ,USA

303-674-8169, vmc@vmc-inc.com, vmc-inc.com

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