Vetstoria releases its Fill Rate platform


Real-time online booking platform provides information on clinic schedules

Vetstoria has released the Fill Rate platform, a resource providing an overview of a portfolio of veterinary clinic and doctors schedules. The Fill Rate platform can help bolster operations and marketing initiatives by displaying data that shows how booked the schedules are, or the pace at which schedules remain to be filled.

“We are very excited to launch Vetstoria Fill Rate platform, an innovative product we’ve been developing for the past 2 years. The concept comes from the observation that our corporate customers have been looking for solutions to manage the capacity of their practices more efficiently,” expressed Julien Renard, Vetstoria CEO, in a company release.1

“Some practices have been very busy due to the shortage of doctors & increase of pet ownership, and other practices had space to welcome more patients. The Fill Rate platform helps corporates to efficiently scale operational support, prioritize recruitment and allocate marketing spend wherever needed across a large portfolio of practices,” he continued.

Vetstoria feels that managing doctors' schedules efficiently is an excellent method for growing revenue of a practice. Not to mention, doctors are a hard resource to find with veterinary burnout recently spiking due to increased client demands, stress, uncertainty, and reduced resilience, and this will remain a problem in the future.

According to an article published on CNN,2 “Approximately half of all veterinarians burn out of the profession within their first five years and 35% of them burn out altogether.” Additionally, since the start of the pandemic, pet ownership has skyrocketed. This makes the Fill Rate platform a timely, important tool to address these challenges.

For marketing teams, this platform helps to identify trends in forecast and direct marketing spend. It shows staffing schedules along with which hospitals have availability. In the corporate realm, this enables you to plan budgets and campaigns to ensure you’re promoting the appropriate hospitals at the appropriate time. For operations teams, the Fill Rate platform contains the necessary insight to inform scheduling decisions, prioritize recruitment, and provide customized support.


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