VetPawer releases AVA Chat veterinary assistant

dvm360dvm360 April 2023
Volume 54
Issue 4
Pages: 14

Product is first veterinary assistant to use OpenAI GTP3 technology

VetPawer, a company focusing on bringing AI benefits to veterinary practices, has unveiled AVA Chat. This service couples the power of OpenAI GPT3 with the efficiency and relevance of connecting to practice management software to provide accurate, contextually appropriate data to clients on general veterinary topics, practice specifics, and their pet’s information on file.

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According to a company release,1 AVA Chat also automatically and safely schedules appointments, refills prescriptions, and takes action in additional time-consuming tasks. The service can be delivered via a chat on the practice’s website or email, and directly through the practice's phone using AVA Voice, making it a useful tool for clinics faced with staff shortages.

VetPawer’s goal with AVA Voice and AVA Chat is to help practices automatically handle time-consuming conversations with clients, boost revenue by generating and scheduling appointments and prescription refills, all for an affordable price. The service is powered by the latest voice and language recognition technology, ensuring an increasing number of calls can be handled automatically and efficiently.

VetPawer has a background in offering online scheduling and client communication platforms, serving over 5,000 veterinary practices. Released in 2021, AVA Voice continues to be a key player in innovation and efficiency for the veterinary industry.1


VetPawer announces the first veterinary assistant using OpenAI GTP3 technology. News release. VetPawer. February 9, 2023. Accessed February 10, 2023.

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