Veterinary vision: The secret to building a better bond with clients


Its already tomorrow in Australiadoes that mean theyre living in the future? Heres one issue that veterinary professionals in the U.S. might see in their own practices sooner rather than later.

Cultural and geographical differences aside, there's still much the U.K. and Australia can teach us in the world of veterinary medicine. Just ask Dave Nicol, BVMS, Cert. Mgmt MRCVS, who's got a bird's-eye view of it all. The one problem he sees across the pond that's making its way straight toward veterinary professionals in the U.S.? The slow erosion of trust in professionals-especially veterinarians.

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“Our whole industry, our whole business is predicated on that bond of trust between veterinarian and client, and veterinarian and pet-and if we lose that, then we have a problem because people say yes to people they know, like and trust," Dr. Nicol explains in the video below. "And so we lose our ability to heal. We lose our ability to have great relationships and be that essential part of community a veterinarian has been for a very, very long time.”

We're sure you can guess the source of this erosion (hint: you're using it to read this article). It's the internet, of course. “On Facebook, everyone's an expert,” Dr. Nicol says. “To be qualified, you just need 10 people to like your post.”

Thankfully, Dr. Nicol has a way to combat this-and it's simpler than you'd think. “We've got all of this amazing ideation in our head,” Dr. Nicol explains, “we've got brilliant training and education, but we're not very good at communicating it except in a one-to-one setting in the exam room.” Because of that, he says veterinarians need to be louder where the erosion is happening: in the digital arena.

Watch the video below for examples and advice on how to get a leg up on this problem before it hits us head-on.

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