Veterinary Oncology ~ Pain and Comfort Management

March 20, 2017

Date: May 08 - May 29, 2017


Advances in veterinary medicine mean that pets are living longer, with many diseases of old age, such as cancer, being managed long-term. Management of pain in these patients is essential to maintain optimum quality of life. To achieve this, pain must be recognised and treated appropriately, through constant re-evaluation, tailoring analgesia to address patients changing needs. As in many areas of cancer treatment, both veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses have essential roles to play in comfort management.This module aims to overview the options available - from pharmacological strategies, to nursing care, both in the hospital environment and at home, in conjunction with owners, whilst encouraging delegates to consider analgesia and its management in the cancer-bearing patients they care for.3 week (8 hours' CPD) online course.Our courses all run as group courses, with a tutor for support and guidance throughout.

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