Veterinary Oncology - Managing Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

February 16, 2018

Date: April 09 - April 30, 2018


Every practice deals with oncology patients, and advances in veterinary medicine mean that pets are living longer, with many diseases of old age, such as cancer, being treated more often, and long-term. We know that management of quality-of-life in these patients is paramount, and as in many areas of patient care, both veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses have essential roles to play in maximising patient welfare.This course offers an overview of the considerations that can be made when assessing, maintaining and re-evaluating care for cancer patients. From pharmacological strategies and analgesia to nursing care; both in the hospital environment and at home we can help you to ensure that care is standardised in practice, and then continued beyond the practice through owner education and support.From your learning on the course you will also create useful resources in ensuring high standard of care for hospitalised patients in practice, and help and guidance for pet owners at home.

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