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Veterinary Medicine Essentials: Canine hyperadrenocorticism


Each Veterinary Medicine Essentials package covers diagnostic steps, treatment plan guidance and the latest updates, plus resources to share with your entire veterinary team and your clients.

Dogs with this common endocrine disease, caused by either a pituitary or adrenal gland tumor, can lead happy and healthy lives. Peruse these resources we've developed to help you best diagnose and treat out of whack cortisol concentrations in dogs.


Updates on canine hyperadrenocorticism

Cushing's confusion? Ask a veterinary endocrinologist

Aug 10, 2018

You know all those questions you have about managing Cushing's disease, like what do those numbers on the low-dose dexamethasone suppression test mean? We have the answers, courtesy of Dr. David Bruyette! ...


Cushing's on the rise? Expert observations on the disease

Apr 05, 2016

Why you may be seeing more cases, better insight into causes and best treatment practices-plus exclusive bonus material on Dr. David Bruyette, the Cushing superfan. ...


New studies in veterinary internal medicine: Endocrinology

May 23, 2015

Investigating the best way to monitor dogs with hyperadrenocorticism and whether fructosamine concentrations can be used to monitor glycemic control in diabetic patients. ...


Cushing's disease update: Targeting the pituitary glands

Aug 03, 2015

A new approach to an old problem ...


Video: What's on the forefront of treating canine PDH?

Dec 18, 2013

Dr. David Bruyette comments on the latest developments in treating canine PDH and whether or not pituitary surgery will take the place of medical therapy. ...


Just Ask the Expert: Could you be using lower doses of trilostane in big dogs?

Jun 01, 2013

Dr. David Bruyette examines what the studies have to say about this question. ...

Diagnosing canine hyperadrenocorticism

Diagnosing canine hyperadrenocorticism: You have questions, “Dr. Endocrine” has answers


Let Dr. David Bruyette keep your cortisol concentrations from rising with these tips for confirming hyperadrenocorticism in dogs. ...


ClinQuiz: Interpreting low-dose dexamethasone suppression test results 2016 update


Test your knowledge of what these LDDS test results mean. ...


Meal-induced hyperadrenocorticism in dogs: Not to be overlooked


When to suspect that food is at fault-and what to do about it. ...


Cushing's disease: something new, something blue (Proceedings)


Hyperadrenocorticism remains one of the most common endocrine disorders diagnosed in the geriatric dog population. It is a disease that is seen in almost every veterinary practice. ...


Challenges in diagnosing hyperadrenocorticism in dogs (Proceedings)


Hyperadrenocorticism can be pituitary-dependent (PDH), secondary to cortisol-secreting adrenocortical neoplasia, or iatrogenic. Spontaneous hyperadrenocorticism is primarily a disease of middle-aged to older dogs. ...


Just Ask the Expert: Is this patient cushingoid?


It is unlikely the low-dose prednisone treatment is resulting in the panting the owner is reporting. ...

Treating canine hyperadrenocorticism

Canine hyperadrenocorticism: Which treatment should I turn to?


Dr. David Bruyette, AKA "Dr. Endocrine," is back with the basics (and a bit more) on treating this sometimes tricky disease. ...


Communication cornerstone to therapeutic success


Reduction in appetite indicates that the induction phase of therapy has been completed. ...


Just Ask the Expert: Adrenal-dependent canine Cushing's disease: Mitotane or trilostane?


Dr. David Bruyette makes his recommendation on treating this endocrine disease in dogs. ...


Hot Literature: Trilostane or mitotane for canine adrenal-dependent hyperadrenocorticism: What factors influence survival?


A recent retrospective study looked at factors that may influence survival in dogs with ADH medically managed with either trilostane or mitotane. ...


Journal Scan: How reliable are compounded trilostane products?


Read this before you next prescribe this drug for your patients with hyperadrenocorticism. ...

Associated conditions

CVC highlight: It's all in the eyes: A look at ocular signs of disease


Dr. Kaese reviews ocular signs that may indicate systemic disease in patients. ...


Do concurrent diseases affect pancreatitis testing results?


A look at research into this important question that can impact your diagnostic approach. ...


Vestibular syndrome: What's causing the head tilt and other neurologic signs?


Discover how to pinpoint the underlying cause of this condition and administer appropriate treatment. ...


Just Ask the Expert: Testing for concurrent diabetes and hyperadrenocorticism


In general, we try to regulate the diabetes before attempting to diagnose hyperadrenocorticism. ...

Client education

Use this tool to help battle canine hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's disease)


This handout gives your clients the information they need about the cost and tests involved in managing their pet's chronic disease. ...


Talking to clients about Cushing's


Use these communication techniques to talk about a chronic but treatable disease like Cushing's. ...


Client pet medication reminder handout


Download and share this PDF handout to help clients remember to administer medications to pets at home. ...


Canine Cushing's Case Files: The ins and outs of detection and treatment-Case file: Your veterinary team's role in treating and monitoring dogs with hyperadrenocorticism (Sponsored by Dechra Veterinary Products)


Well-trained technicians and other team members can help reinforce veterinarians' messages to clients about signs of illness in pets, the advantages of early disease recognition and treatment, and the importance of follow-up care. ...

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