Veterinary diagnostic platform offers teleradiology


Veheri provides veterinary professionals with free collaboration and education

Photo courtesy of Veheri.

Photo courtesy of Veheri.

Veheri is an online veterinary platform designed to advance diagnostic imaging within the field. This platform offers free collaboration and education with virtual radiology and imaging tools. According to a company release,1 Veheri already has thousands of veterinarians and imaging specialists from around the world utilizing its services.

The comprehensive suite of services include full teleradiology and teleneurology reporting, as well as an inside look at a multitude of complex cases for educational practice. The Veheri design also has advanced smart tools aimed at increasing a veterinary clinic’s diagnostic capabilities. Veheri members can sign up for free and join the global network of veterinary professionals. Collaboration can be achieved in small, closed groups or in wider case collections. Members can also request reports from board certified radiologists and neurologists.

Veheri also has data protection and medical-grade DICOM viewer for an increased user experience.

“Veheri offers the unique opportunity to share and discuss cases with other specialists in an easy way. This will not only allow us to provide better support to our patients but also to enhance our own knowledge, as we can all benefit from the experience of one another. I am convinced Veheri will be of great benefit to the veterinary community,” Antje Hartmann, Dr Med Vet, DECVDI, said in a statement from the Veheri website.2

Florian Willmitzer, Dr Med Vet, DECVDI, told Veheri, “We all know those cases you either just want to show to colleagues because they are so "beautifully", or you need input to be able to give a diagnosis. Veheri offers exactly this possibility to exchange with other specialists at the highest level and to learn with every case, for the better good of our patients and for ourselves to grow. In addition, Veheri offers incredible opportunities to take teaching to the next level and to enter easily into collaborations.”2


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