Veterinary cancer test now available in Japan


VolitionRx Limited entered an supply agreement with Fujiflim Vet Systems Co. Ltd, to launch Nu.Q Vet Cancer Test in Japan



VolitionRx Limited (Volition), an epigenetics company, announced earlier this week that it has agreed to a supply agreement with Fujifilm Vet Systems Co. Ltd (Fujifilm Vet Systems), a veterinary diagnostic laboratory service, to launch Nu.Q Vet Cancer test to veterinarian in Japan. The supply agreement enables Fuji Vet Systems to sell and perform cancer screenings using the test.

“We are thrilled to be expanding into the Japanese market with Fujifilm Vet Systems. It is the country’s leading veterinary diagnostic laboratory service with a network of ten laboratories, supplying veterinary clinics and hospitals nationwide,” said Tom Butera, DVM, chief executive officer at Volition, in an organizational release.1

The supply agreement will allow veterinary professionals in Japan to use the Nu.Q Vet Cancer Test throughout Fujifilm Vet System network ofcentral reference laboratories. According to the release, Nu.Q Vet Cancer is an affordable and accessible screening tool that veterinarians can use on their canine patients to help detect cancer earlier.

Nu.Q Vet Cancer is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay-based test that is noninvasive and is intended to be used during wellness checks on older dogs as well as younger dogs from breeds that are at a higher risk for cancer, such as golden retrievers, boxers, beagles, and Bernese mountain dogs.2

“We are delighted to add the Nu.Q Vet Cancer Test to our diagnostic service portfolio and expand our wellness testing offer to Japanese veterinarians. We will notify our customers as soon as the test is available for purchase,” expressed Kiyotaka Fujiwara, chief operating officer at Fujifilm Vet Systems.1

For dogs, 1 in 4 will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and is the leading cause of death for pets as they enter the final stages of their lives, according to the Veterinary Cancer Society.3 Due to the rate that canines can be diagnosed with cancer, early detection is a crucial part to helping these patients happy and healthy as well as give clients the chance to come to terms with their pets diagnosis and figure out their next steps.

“Japan is a considerable market opportunity for Volition, as we seek to expand our Nu.Q Vet Cancer Test offering in Asia. We look forward to working alongside Fujifilm Vet Systems as they roll out our test countrywide, across their diagnostic laboratory network,” Jasmine Kway, PhD, chief executive officer of Singapore Volition.1

This recent expansion to Japan is just another reach internationally for Volition. In the previous years, the company has expanded the global reach of the Nu.Q Vet Cancer test to Ireland and the United Kingdom.4 The product has also announced partnership through other laboratory company’s including IDEXX laboratories, Inc.5


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