The veterinary bills that stole Christmas


Your clients' trees may be a little more bare this year thanks to their pets.

Fido may love dashing through the snow, but is he risking an injury? Did Fluffy eat those chestnuts your client roasted over an open fire? Non-routine veterinary expenses are a costly reality of pet ownership-this year especially. And according to new data, the cost of these mishaps might be tightening your clients' wallets this holiday season.

Here are some of the top pet insurance claims of 2008, according to Veterinary Pet Insurance:

1. Surgery for an ingested object (Average cost: $1,452)

2. Pneumonia ($583)

3. Gum disease requiring surgery ($361)

4. Benign skin tumors ($339)

5. Gastritis/upset stomach ($228)

6. Laceration ($224)

7. Bladder infection ($179)

8. Sprain ($142)

9. Skin allergies ($106)

10. Ear infection ($95)

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