Vet confessions: Anal glands, blood and other fluids that make veterinary medicine fun

August 22, 2019

Theres a lot of action in veterinary exam rooms and treatment areas. Some of it is fluid. Much of it is well intimate. Case in point: I am forever blood sisters with Rebecca the beagle!

Working in a veterinary hospital is rewarding, stressful and sometimes straight-up gross. Have you faced unfortunate fluid attacks like those your fellow veterinary professionals shared online and in person at Fetch dvm360 as part of the Veterinary Confessionals Project?

It just gets everywhere

“I learned the hard way not to express anals while smiling.”

“Close your mouth when expressing anal glands.”

“Never get close enough while expressing anal glands that you express them into your eye!”

Confession: “Worst day of my life is when a dog expressed anal glands all over my face.”

Commenter No. 1: “Made it in my mouth … ”

Commenter No. 2: “Yum”


Not in the mouth

“I have unfortunately had cat diarrhea, abscess, anal sac juice in my mouth, all in the same year.”

“I've accidentally licked Fatal-Plus and dead dog blood off of my thumb … ”


Closer than I wanted to be

“When I was a very inexperienced vet assistant (now a Dr.) … I pipetted blood into a crit tube with my mouth-I am forever blood sisters with Rebecca the beagle!”

“Favorite client question: ‘Do y'all do anal here?' … she meant anal glands.”

“I've been urinated on many times by dogs and cats (who hasn't?). This week was the first time a random human urinated on me. Yuck!”