Vancouver Aquarium to open new exhibit


This newest exhibit will highlight the miracles in conservation



On Saturday, May 14th, 2022, the Vancouver Aquarium will open its new exhibit Wildlife Rescue, Miracles in Conservation, which will be available until September 25th, 2022. The new exhibit will showcase successful conservation stories from around the world with an interactive experience component that profiles 12 endangered species.

The new exhibit aims to educate attendees on the endangered animals and those who have dedicated their lives to helping them survive. According to an organizational release, guests can use hands-on interactive displays and attend small group presentations to learn about wildlife rescues.1

"This exhibit profiles how species are being rescued, so we are delighted to welcome guests to experience Wildlife Rescue: Miracles in Conservation firsthand," said Clint Wright, Vancouver Aquarium executive director, in the release.1

According to the release,1 some of the animals attendees will have the chance to explore are the crested gecko, western fox snake, cane toad, painted turtle, red knee tarantula, domestic ferret, Hog Island boa constrictor, Malagasy tree boa, green and black dart frog, Virginia opossum, and the Burmese star tortoise—with other animals scheduled to arrive soon.

"Everyone can have a role to play in the story of wildlife rescue. We invite everyone to begin their journey as a wildlife rescuer," said Mackenzie Neale, Vancouver Aquarium animal care director.


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