Use passive marketing to increase compliance without the hard-sell


Keep products handy to promote client education and sales.

One way to inform your clients about the products you offer is passive marketing. To engage in passive marketing, you need an open shelf in each exam room. It doesn't need to be big, just large enough to shelve eight or 10 different products.

Here's how passive marketing works. During a visit, if a client asks which shampoo or ear cleaner to use, the doctor or exam room assistant takes that product down from the shelf, gives the client some details about the item, and explains why it's the product of choice.

The assistant or doctor then places the merchandise on the corner of the exam room table closest to the exiting door of the exam room. At the end of the visit, the client chooses to pick up the product and walk out with it-or not.

Want to guess how often the client will buy the product when you market it this way? Up to 80 percent of time.

Only stock one of each item on the passive marketing shelf. This concept is used for over-the-counter products that are important for the pet, such as ear cleaners, shampoos, nutritional supplements, and dental chews, not prescription items, which of course are not optional.

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