Ultrasound of the Mid-Distal Limb & Stifle for Equine Practitioners - A 2-Day Practical Course


Date: October 26 - October 26, 2019


This course provides equine practitioners with the knowledge and especially the practical skills to competently and confidently scan the mid-distal front- and hindlimb incl. the stifle joint of the horse. Over the two days the attendees will spend 7 hours scanning the following anatomical regions in small groups (2 4 vets per ultrasound machine) on live horses: Pastern, fetlock, digital flexor tendon sheath, flexor tendons, suspensory ligament, tarsus (incl. sheaths) & stifle.

Event type: 2-Day Practical Course

Event Address: Stillwater Equine Veterinary Clinic9550 60th Street North, Stillwater, MN, USA

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For More Information:Robin Johnson,VetPD

PO Box 951832 ,Lake Mary ,FL ,32795 ,United States

1-844-870-6097, office@vetpd.com, https://www.vetpd.com/courses/course-details/ultrasound-of-the-mid-distal-limb-and-stifle-for-equine-practitioners-a-2-day-practical-course-oct2019

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