Two veterinarians re-elected to U.S. House of Representatives


Ted Yoho and Kurt Schrader live to fight another day in the U.S. Congress after yesterday's election.

Yoho (left) and Schrader

The bipartisan Veterinary Medicine Caucus in Washington, D.C., might be intact if two prominent races by veterinarians-turned-politicians are any indication.

Ted Yoho (R), DVM, will begin his third term as a U.S. Representative from Florida's third district, with 57 percent of the vote. He beat the Democrat challenger, with 40 percent of the vote. Yoho, who practiced as a large animal veterinarian, serves on the House Agriculture Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee.

Upon his reelection, Yoho shared this message on Facebook with his followers: “What a night! Thank you to all of the supporters for your continued belief in our mission! I am honored and humbled to have earned your vote and look forward to making America great again!”

Also re-elected was Yoho's colleague from across the aisle, Kurt Schrader (D), DVM, who won 54 percent of the vote against a Republican challenger for Oregon's fifth district. Schrader has served in Congress since 2008, and before that spent 11 years in Oregon's state house and senate. Schrader, who is an organic farmer as well as a veterinarian, serves on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

In 2013, the two veterinarians united to form the first bipartisan Veterinary Medicine Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. The caucus aims to increase awareness of the role veterinary medicine plays in research, public health, animal health and welfare, food safety and the economy.

Schrader and Yoho have both supported legislation affecting veterinarians, including the Veterinary Loan Repayment Program Enhancement Act, which would minimize tax penalties for loan forgiveness awards, and a bill intended to crack down on horse soring, which involves intentionally causing pain to affect the gait of a show horse.

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