Trupanion commits over $4 million to MightyVet


The pet insurance company has committed to issuing a grant in stock equivalent to over $4 million to MightyVet, demonstrating its appreciation for the veterinary community.

Trupanion recently committed over 50,000 shares of stock worth more than $4.7 million (as of June 9, 2021), to MightyVet—a nonprofit, industry-wide platform founded to support veterinary professionals in their career and well-being. This transaction takes place just in time to celebrate National Veterinary Appreciation Day on June 18, 2021.

“With our donation to MightyVet, and our partners across the animal health industry we will be supporting in upcoming campaigns, we want to recognize and contribute to the monumental effort that goes into ensuring veterinary heroes across the globe can access support and education they need,” says Margi Tooth, co-president of Trupanion in a company release.

Trupanion initially established Veterinary Appreciation Day back in 2015 to honor the essential role veterinary professionals play in our lives. This special day recognizes and celebrates the efforts every team member brings to perform the highest quality of care to their patients and clients—even when faced with adversity (eg, COVID-19 practice adaptations, curbside care).

Additionally, Veterinary Appreciation Day fosters unity within the animal-loving community and acknowledges the dedicated veterinary professionals who strive to enhance and prolong the lives of their patients.

“At Trupanion, we recognize the incredible dedication the veterinary community provides as well as the 24/7 care and support for the good of our pets, families, and the veterinary professionals entrusted with their care,” says Tooth.

“They are often the unsung heroes and Veterinary Appreciation Day puts the spotlight on a profession often forgotten and underappreciated,” she adds.

To learn more about Trupanion and its mission, go here.

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