Top Ten Surgical Procedures

September 12, 2019

Date: September 20 - September 21, 2019


This surgical course will cover common basic and intermediate level surgical procedures in the dog and cat. Lectures immediately precede the laboratory hands-on experience for the surgical procedures. Specific surgical procedures to be covered and practiced in the canine include: exploratory celiotomy and biopsy techniques, intestinal resection and anastomosis, gastropexy, splenectomy, and feeding tube placement. Surgical anatomy of the biliary system will be demonstrated in the laboratory and cholecystectomy performed. Other procedures to be covered in the canine include urethrostomy in the male, salivary mucocele treatment, total ear canal ablation (TECA) and arytenoid lateralization (laryngeal-tie back). Specific surgical procedures to be covered in the feline include mandibular symphyseal fracture, ventral bulla osteotomy, thoracostomy and esophagostomy tube placement, colectomy for megacolon, and perineal urethrostomy.

Event type: WVC Academy Course

Event Address: Oquendo Center2425 E Oquendo Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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