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The top dogs of CVC Kansas City 2012


Veterinarians, technicians, and team members say goodbye to their beloved pets for the weekend and travel from all over the globe to attend CVC Kansas City. Luckily there are plenty of pooches to pet and snuggle in the exhibit hall. Check out this photo gallery to ooh and aah over our new four-legged friends.

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, who is a rare seal-colored Boston terrier is an emotional support dog.

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Sugar Baby

, a Maltese/Yorkie mix from a shelter in Tucson, Ariz., loves CVC and gets excited when she sees her pet carrier out ready for her trip!

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, of MoKan Greyhound Adoption, smiles at the thought of finding a home.

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This greyhound named


is easily distracted by all of the shiny objects in the exhibit hall.

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is styling in her fun-fur yarn collar while she patiently waits for a pat on the head.

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Veterinary Medicine

board member

Dr. Robin Downing

strikes a pose fit for a queen with


, her Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

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No wonder


the teacup Chihuahua's name is short for tornado-she caused a whirlwind of excitement at the

dvm360 News Zone


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the Pyrenees mountain dog enjoyed his usual afternoon nap at CVC Kansas City.

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Zach's BFF

Little Man

also took a rest in the midst of the exhibit hall bustle. These two Pyrenees are regulars at the conference-this is their fourth year at CVC Kansas City.

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This pup named


is super excited to kick off CVC Kansas City-he can barely sit still for his close up!

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This yellow lab named


is a puppy-in-training from the nonprofit organization KSDS in Washington, Kan. Aria will serve as a guide dog to help the blind, service dog to help the disabled, or social dog to assist in the field of education, counseling, and retirement.

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was named after a successful KSDS fundraiser

Cabernet for a Cause

. Look for Cabernet (the dog and the wine) at the next KSDS fundraiser on March 2 in Lawrence, Kan.

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Meet Cabernet's brother,


. If he looks extra special that's because he's the only black lab in the litter.

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the golden retriever is named after a tiny (and now extinct) town in Washington County, Kan. She keeps the city's spirit alive at CVC Kansas City, even while she is taking a nap.

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Alex White

smiles with his personal service dog appropriately named



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the greyhound's mom bit her in the head when she was a puppy. Because of that unfortunate incident, Dizzy is a bit clumsy. Hopefully she'll be adopted soon and her owners will love all of her quirks.

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is an adopted greyhound who doesn't want to leave CVC when the day is done. His owner says when veterinarians are traveling they need their dog fix and Jack loves to be that fix. "He's in heaven here," Jack's owner says. "This is the only event I take him to."

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This chocolate lab named


comes to CVC every year and helps her owner sniff out the coolest stuff in the CVC exhibit hall.Don't miss the adorable dogs—and cutting-edge CE—at CVC San Diego (Dec. 9-6).

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